Superbowl XLIX and my recovery


What a difference a week makes!  Taking some time to think about why I was slipping into depression, writing about it and reflecting on it, helped me to push it aside.  Thank you to everyone who sent me positive messages and support – I really appreciate it.

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Missing cancer?


I have been writing a long post about recovery, being home, the Seahawks, opera and family.  I have been working on it for three weeks and keep revising and discarding it.  If is full of joy and optimism and it isn’t true.  I am home, I am recovering well, I am surrounded by great, caring people, everything is going my way, and I am despondent.  What the hell?  Continue reading

Cancer, a battle or a journey?


War, what is it good for?  Well, for overcoming cancer apparently.  From the moment I shared my cancer diagnosis I was surrounded by war metaphors.  I was told I was battling cancer, I was a warrior, I could win my battle, and I would beat cancer.  I was told I was waging war and if I fought hard enough I would emerge victorious.  Defining an experience with cancer using battle language seems to be the societal norm.  For many, the notion that you “go to war” with your cancer defines the journey with this disease. Continue reading

When home for the holidays means a cancer treatment center

When home for the holidays means a cancer treatment center.

An article about our Christmas from the Hutch’s website. I can’t say enough about this organization – they are a huge force in cancer research, care and outreach, not just in Seattle but globally. Their professionalism and approach to reporting on cancer and the stories around it is impressive.

Awwww merde (and cute cat photos)

Every ten years.  I thought I had broken this cycle.  Maya’s 20, Stella’s 10, and I’m going out in the rain to buy diapers.  Seriously, I really thought when Stella was done with them that the next person I’d be buying diapers for was a grandchild…  but enough of that, hey, here’s a cute cat photo:


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Returning to earth


I need to develop a new napping strategy.  My inability to be out of bed for any length of time is starting to interfere with my very limited engagement schedule.  I’m in bed at 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon, having spent the entire day here and I could stay in bed for the night, but I need to get up as I’m meeting my parents for dinner in an hour. Continue reading

Ken Otto


Three weeks.  Three more weeks and I am done radiation!  Just a few days ago this seemed like an impossibly long journey and now it feels like I should start packing.  I’ll hold off on packing, there is a lot to fit into these three weeks: Christmas, a visit from my parents, Olivia and Stella coming down for the holidays, Continue reading

Waiting for Starbucks

I’m on the home stretch!  Only 17 treatments left to go.  Olivia arrived on Thursday night and came with me to UWMC for radiation session #24.  Four more weeks and I get to home with these two:


This phase is going well now.  The treatments are easy and efficient, and I think I know what to expect in terms of side effects.  Other than fatigue, my health has not interfered with our weekend plans.   Continue reading