Resting and recovering

20150327_075849I’m resting and waiting.  My minor surgery went very well.  I was in the operating room as planned at 745 Thursday morning and the procedure was quick and straight-forward.   Continue reading


Smooth and Easy

The zuger kirschtorte I made for my mother's birthday - my last meal before fasting...

The zuger kirschtorte I made for my mother’s birthday – my last meal before fasting…

Smooth and easy.  That’s how I expect today to go.  This is a routine, minor surgical procedure.  I need to be at the hospital at 6am, should be in an out of surgery by 10, resting and recovering.  They are planning to keep me overnight, which they would not normally do.  I guess as a frequent user I guess special treatment.  I think I am what they would call a “whale” – a big time user of health care resources, so I get special treatment – the fancier laryngoscope, the special scalpel with Swarovski crystal on the handle, Continue reading

Booking tee times and surgery dates

20150317_080941Just when I thought everything was falling into place…  I feel great, I am getting back to work, and I have taken out the golf clubs.  Last week I was getting ready to book tee times and instead I am booking surgery dates.  This is not where I thought I would be in mid-March.  I feel far better physically than I thought I would at this point.  Continue reading